Podcasts are a fantastic new way for us to share some really useful stuff with all of you and make it easier to plan your wedding. Over the next couple of months we're going to be interviewing some experts in all areas of wedding preparation and asking them the questions you realy want answers to. We've got some of the best people lined up already - wedding photographers, DJ's, limo drivers, florists, public speakers, wedding video, celebrants and more. So if you have a burning question like, 'Should my Dad toast the bride and groom in his speech?', or 'How practical is it to have fresh frangipani's in my wedding bouquet?' or 'How long should I allow for photos between the ceremony and the wedding reception?' - then tell us and we'll ask them for you and post the answers here in the Podcast page. So check back regularly to listen to the latest podcast, or go to the 'about you' page to lodge your questions and we'll put it to the experts.